The Choroszcz commune is located in the central part of Podlaskie Voivodeship and the western part of Białystok Poviat, in the direct vicinity of the city of Białystok. Its area is part of the so-called "Green Lungs of Poland. Its western border runs along the marshy valley of the Narew River, among the water labyrinth of the "Polish Amazonia" of the Narew National Park.

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The area of the commune is an excellent place to locate small and large investments. Investors are facilitated by a local zoning plan covering the entire area of the commune. Another incentive to invest is the location of the commune on the Warsaw-Bialystok route and infrastructure facilities. The large amount of land allocated in the current local spatial development plan of the Choroszcz commune for single-family housing development is located in villages adjacent to the administrative borders of the city of Białystok (Klepacze, Krupniki, Porosły) and Choroszcz.

The dense network of roads and numerous hiking, cycling, water and horse riding trails provide easy access to all tourist attractions which include, among others: the Late Baroque church of St. John the Baptist and St. Stephen the Martyr from 1756 together with a Baroque chapel and a Dominican monastery, Orthodox church in Neo-Byzantine style from the 19th century, Branicki palace and park complex from the 18th century, Śliwno - Waniewo tourist and educational footbridge over the main Narew riverbed, Christian August Moes textile factory buildings from the 19th century, a broken bridge near the village of Kruszewo, a market square lined with single-storey houses from the 19th century.

Choroszcz's multidimensional attractiveness is also enhanced by cyclical events developed over the town's rich history of over 500 years: Choroszcz Days, International Review of Youth Wind Orchestras, Dominican Fair, National Cucumber Day in Kruszewo.

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