The municipality of Łapy is located in the south-western part of Białystok County on the picturesque meandering Narew River. It covers an area of 12,757 ha and has a population of over 20,000. It is made up of 26 villages and the town of Łapy. Railway lines run through the town and municipality of Łapy: Warsaw-Bialystok and Łapy-Ostrołęka, as well as voivodeship roads: no. 681 and 682.

The town and municipality of Łapy is an excellent area for locating investments. The entire area is covered by a zoning plan. An additional advantage is the excellent transport connection with Białystok and the proximity to eastern markets. Potential investors will find more than 11 hectares of perfectly prepared Łapy Subzone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. The area has been divided into plots with an area of 1 ha and lies next to provincial road No. 681 and district road No. 1524B.

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In the immediate vicinity, there is an extinguished sugar factory with an active railway siding connected with the Warsaw-Bialystok-Lithuania state border railway line.  In addition, there is a thriving Entrepreneurship Centre in Łapy, and also a Chamber of Commerce in Łapy which brings together entrepreneurs.

The Łapy commune is also a great place to live and to do active tourism. Its location in the heart of the Narew National Park creates excellent conditions for observing animals and birds in their natural habitat. The Łapy commune is covered by a network of tourist trails allowing for sightseeing tours: on foot, by bicycle and on the water. Tourist attractions are complemented by the rich programme of cultural and sporting events such as: "Harvest Festival with Local Product", "Catfish Day in Bokiny", "Narew Noble Inn", "Strength in Łapy", "Narew Swamp Thriathlon", "W. Kikolski Run", "Łapy Theatre Week" and others.

Outside the river valley, it is also worth visiting historical places connected with the town's rich railway tradition, such as the railway settlements in Wygwizdów and Osse, the parish church in Uhowo and the Narew Gallery. In Łapy, wooden houses and the brick church of St. Peter and Paul from the early 20th century have been preserved.

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