Turośń Kościelna

Turośń Kościelna

The municipality of Turośń Kościelna is located in the Podlaskie Voivodeship (the settlement network of the municipality is made up of 35 rural settlements comprising 34 villages) and is directly adjacent to the largest city in the region, Białystok. This is conducive to the development of tourism as well as the development of valuable areas for housing and investment. Approximately 30% of the municipality's area is within the boundaries of the Narew National Park and its buffer zone.

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These areas are created for supporters of active tourism in its many forms: hiking, cycling, water sports and horse riding. Amateurs of hiking can wander along numerous well-marked trails. The floodplains and numerous branches of the Narew River create perfect conditions for a pleasant stay by the water. There are also ideal places for fishing and water sports, canoeing and boat rides. The proximity of forests is a paradise for walkers and undergrowth gatherers. Horse-riding enthusiasts can enjoy horse-riding in summer and sleigh rides in winter.

 Our commune is also popular with Bialystok's motorcyclists. In Turośń Kościelna there is an airport for motorgliders and ultralight aircrafts of the Białystok Aviation Society. A retention reservoir with a recreational function is being built in Turośni Kościelena. There is also one of the country's best-profiled skate parks with an outdoor gym and playground.

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