Wasilków, a town with a rich tradition and history dating back to the Renaissance, is one of the oldest settlements in Podlasie. In the early days of the formation of the settlement and the town, the Jagiellonian history left its mark here. The Grodno Forest, in which the Wasilków backwoods lay in the 16th century, was ruled by Sigismund the Old, later by his wife Bona, and then by their son, Sigismund Augustus. The last of the Jagiellons granted town rights to the town in 1566. The Renaissance ideas found their expression in the spatial layout of the city. The regular sectors of the streets in the centre have survived to this day and are the unusual, oldest monument of Wasilkow. The other most valuable monuments of the town are mainly churches and a cemetery with monumental statues. Apart from the monuments, perhaps the most important value of Wasilkow is its location between the Supraśl River and the Knyszyn Forest. The original idea of the town as a place to exploit timber floated down the river has a different meaning today. The Wasilków commune is, above all, a charming, friendly and convenient place to live, which is reflected in its rapidly growing population.

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The attractiveness of the Wasilków commune is also related to its direct vicinity to the capital of the Podlaskie Voivodeship - Białystok, transport routes lying on the route to international border crossings and the eastern border of the EU.  Two national roads leading to border crossings run through the commune:

  • No. 19 Białystok - Kuźnica Białostocka to Belarus
  • No. 8 Bialystok - Augustów - Budzisko to Lithuania
  • railway line of international importance from Warsaw to St. Petersburg.

The Wasilków commune is distinguished by its high level of education, which is influenced by highly qualified teaching staff, a large number of social projects carried out and good equipment in educational establishments (gyms, computer and language laboratories). 

In the area of the Wasilków commune, there are the Municipal Cultural Animation Centre and the Municipal Public Library.  Both institutions perform tasks related to cultural education, artistic creation, collecting and protecting cultural goods, and organising cultural entertainment.

WasijpgWasilków is a dynamically developing commune that makes use of its natural and economic potential and at the same time provides a high quality of life for its residents and is family-friendly.

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