Czarna Białostocka

Czarna Białostocka

Czarna Białostocka is located by the railway line Warsaw - Grodno and by the national road No. 19 leading to the border crossing at Kuźnica Białostocka. The area of the municipality is predominantly made up of the beautiful forests of the Knyszyn Primeval Forest, with designated nature reserves - fragments of the forest close to the original.

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The town is situated on a forest glade and, in its vicinity, there is the picturesque Czapielówka lake. Its location among forests creates favourable conditions for recreation all year round. It is an ideal place for outdoor events, for fishermen and lovers of water and sunbathing, and in the forests for undergrowth gatherers and walkers. The municipality does not have many historical buildings, but it is worth stopping by the Holy Family Church with its wooden interior decorated with antlers and the chapel next to the church with a collection of old crosses, the original ship-shaped church with a large anchor of Jesus the Merciful, as well as the Orthodox Church of St. Mary Bearing with a modern iconostasis picturesquely located on a hill.

Nearby, in Czarna Wieś Kościelna, it is worth seeing the neo-Gothic Church of Our Lady of the Angels, built between 1913 and 1921, with beautiful interior gilding and stained glass windows. Noteworthy is the building of the old seed hulling plant from 1934 at the Czarna Białostocka Forest Inspectorate. Right next to it, there is an educational path with information about the forester's work, breeding and forest protection. Steam locomotive - a relic of a forest narrow-gauge railway is an atraction. On the path Szlakiem Powstania Styczniowego we can find monuments, graves and crosses reminding the history of Poles fighting for their homeland's independence - Mogiłka and Góra Powstańców near the Taboły nature reserve. The Podlasie Folk Handicrafts Route runs through the commune. Here we can come into contact with vanishing professions: potter, blacksmith, spoon-maker. The largest mainstay of folk handicrafts, especially grey pottery, is Czarna Wieś Kościelna. Handicraftsmen offer demonstrations of their craft as well as apprenticeships. You can also learn about folk art techniques related to regional traditions at the Folk Handicraft Centre in Niemczyn. Designated hiking trails, leading through attractive landscapes and natural areas, encourage people to go hiking: the blue "Królowa Bona", the green "Sławiński", the yellow "Dawnego pogranicza", the yellow "Supraski" and the red "Puszczański"; and cycling: the green "Kresowe wędrówki" and the blue "Z Puszczy Knyszyńskiej do doliny Biebrzy".

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